Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snowstorm Comics Releases it's FIRST Product "Kindred"!

Celebrate the first product release of Snowstorm Comics and the upcoming release of the comic EVOLVED! For a limited time only the first print in the series "Kindred" will be available for $12.50. This Cara and Angel print features illustration done by artist and EVOLVED creator Jeffrey Snow and color by artist John Grello on your choice of a High Quality glossy or Fine Art Matte paper. We also have a Cardstock Edition at the price of $3.00! Don't pass on this amazing gift and perfect addition to the home and office space at the great celebration deal of $12.50! Celebrate EVOLVED and Snowstorm Comics with "Kindred" today

Kindred Print (Pro Premium Gloss Paper)

Dimensions: 8x11

Paper: Pro Premium Photo Paper

Cost: $12.50 (plus shipping)

Snowstorm Comics releases its FIRST ever print, "Kindred" featuring Cara and Angel from the Exciting new comic "EVOLVED". This amazing 8x11 print with illustration done by artist Jeffrey Snow and color by John Grello will make the perfect gift or welcome addition to The Home and Office space. Printed on the finest quality glossy paper, "Kindred" is not only of the highest product standards, it is a great deal! Snowstorm Comics is proud to open its line with a big BANG by presenting you with "Kindred"!

Kindred Print (Pro Premium Edition)

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Kindred Print ( Fine Art Matte Paper)

Dimensions: 8x11

Paper: Fine Art Premium Matte Paper

Cost: $12.50 (Plus Shipping)

We also offer " Kindred" on Fine Art Matte Paper for the classic feel of canvas art. The smooth texture and crisp whiteness allow for outstanding, vibrant colors to breathe life into Snow's talented illustrations. This canvas-like edition is perfect *to frame* for that artistic quality fine matte paper offers.

Kindred Print (Fine Art Matte Edition)

Kindred Print (Cardstock Version)

Dimensions: 8x11

Paper: White Cardstock Paper

Cost: $3.00 (Plus Shipping)

On a budget? Snowstorm Comics has a product especially for you! Our " Kindred" print now comes on high quality smooth, white cardstock. With a vibrant, semi-glossy appearance, it is the perfect affordable alternative to its high gloss and matte print counterparts.

Kindred Print (Cardstock Edition)

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