Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome To Snowstorm Comics

Hello Everyone, I would like to thank everyone who took an interest in visiting our website. Our website is currently in development at the moment, so in the mean time, we will be operating at this blog to provide all of you with all the details revolving around Snowstorm Comics. Here is a brief list products schedule to debut in the future by snowstorm Comics.

Evolved The 1st Issue.

This issue will initially be placed as a web comic for everyone to read for Free! For those wishing to have an printed copy, we will have an that available at our web store for a excellent price.

Evolved Pin Ups

These will be pin up's in 8x11 format drawn by different artists on the characters from Evolved.
And just like our comic, these will be sold at an excellent price.

Evolved Posters

For those wanting to have their art in a larger format, we will be having the pin-up drawings available in poster format, and while they will be more expensive than the pin-ups (due to the larger size), they will still be set at a reasonable price for wallet.

Evolved Commissions

For those wanting a personal picture of their favorite Evolved Characters, we will be having commissions available for those wanting something personalized. The standard format will be with 8x11, but an upgrade to poster size is possible.

Be on the look out as we continue to update everyone on what's going on with Snowstorm Comics!

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